What are the 10 must-have apps for your new Android smartphone?

Quais são as 10 aplicações obrigatórias para o seu novo smartphone Android?

Introduction to essential Android apps Access various features: Google Apps The family of applications Google It’s almost unavoidable for any Android user. They are essential to access various functions and features of the device. Some of the most important Google applications include: Google MapsAn indispensable navigation tool with a wide variety of functions. Google DriveIt … Read more

The new Android application allows you to send blue messages to iPhones

A nova aplicação para Android permite-lhe enviar mensagens azuis para iPhones

Launch of an innovative Android application: blue messages for iPhones Beeper Mini: iMessage for Android users The communication boundary between Android and iOS is blurring with the launch of Beeper Mini, an innovative application that allows Android users to send messages with the iconic blue iMessage bubble to iPhone devices. This development represents a significant … Read more