Sarah Silverman’s lawyer claims to be able to provide ‘direct evidence’ that ChatGPT infringed on her work

El abogado de Sarah Silverman afirma poder proporcionar ‘evidencia directa’ de que ChatGPT infringió su trabajo

Statements from Sarah Silverman’s legal representative Controversy recently erupted with a provocative statement from the lawyer of famous comedian and writer Sarah Silverman. The lawyer issued a bold statement, expressing confidence that he can present “irrefutable evidence” that would prove that ChatGPT infringed on Silverman’s intellectual work. A recent trademark infringement case saw two fast-food … Read more

Elon Musk’s “rebel” AI chatbot Grok is launching on X

O chatbot de IA "rebelde" de Elon Musk, Grok, está a ser lançado no X

Grok: Elon Musk’s rebellious AI chatbot Grok’s arrival on Platform Entrepreneur Elon Musk’s latest creation in the world of artificial intelligence, the Grok chatbot, made its debut on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. This innovative AI system is designed for X Premium Plus subscribers in the US. Rivalry with the objectives … Read more

X officially launches Grok, its ChatGPT rival

X lança oficialmente o Grok, o seu rival do ChatGPT

X presents Grok, ChatGPT’s competitor Company X presented its Premium+ subscribers with a new advance in artificial intelligence called Grok, presenting itself as a direct alternative to ChatGPT. Origins of Grok The engine behind the new tool is xAI, the artificial intelligence initiative that bears Elon’s signature… Read more Article X officially launches Grok, its … Read more

Google enhances Bard chatbot with ‘Gemini’ AI in race against ChatGPT

O Google atualiza o chatbot Bard com IA ‘Gemini’ enquanto persegue o ChatGPT

Google improves Bard with advanced artificial intelligence ‘Gemini’ Google, after an extensive research and development process that lasted more than eight months, has just presented its most advanced artificial intelligence. While not all parts are expected to be available to the general public, this update represents a significant advancement in the company’s technology. Introduction to … Read more

EU pioneers AI standards as governments try to regulate products like ChatGPT

A UE aprova regras inovadoras de IA enquanto os governos procuram regular produtos como o ChatGPT

The European Union establishes a regulatory framework for AI A recent meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, was the stage where the emblem of OpenAI’s ChatGPT application was revealed on technological devices, right next to the acronym “AI” (Artificial Intelligence), marking a significant moment in the development of this technology. #RAEconsultas The acronym “AI” is used as … Read more

Discover the fundamental differences between Gemini and ChatGPT

Descubre las diferencias clave entre Gemini y ChatGPT

Google and OpenAI: two artificial intelligence giants Recently, the artificial intelligence (AI) scene has witnessed the birth of revolutionary technologies from Google and OpenAI, each with its own proposal: Gemini and ChatGPT, respectively. Google Proposal: Gemini Google has announced the arrival of its latest and most sophisticated language model called Gemini, an AI platform designed … Read more