Nano Gemini: The evolution of portable Artificial Intelligence according to Microsoft

Gemini Nano: A Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence Experience with Google

The world of artificial intelligence takes a step forward with the introduction of Nano Gemini from Google, a tool that promises to be the pinnacle of intelligent assistants on mobile devices, unlike its predecessors that use cloud services.

The new dimension of AI in your pocket

With the emergence of Gemini Nano, Google proposes an initiative that allows AI to operate locally on users’ devices. The uniqueness of this model lies in its independence from cloud services to process and generate responses, a crucial difference from popular models like ChatGPT.

Privacy and efficiency at your fingertips

Privacy and efficiency become notable advantages when you consider that the data processed by the Gemini Nano is kept on the device itself, without being shared with external services. This on-device functionality opens up enormous possibilities for everyday use of AI, such as summarizing texts and offering intelligent responses to messages, without the need for constant connectivity.

Availability and technical characteristics

Google released the Gemini Nano in two versions, with the Nano-1 featuring 1.8 billion parameters and the Nano-2 featuring 3.25 billion. These models differ in terms of capacity, but both have 4-bit quantization, thus optimizing their performance on devices with limited resources while maintaining greater or similar efficiency to the original model.

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The heart of integration: Android AICore

The central pillar of this innovation is Android AICore, a new addition to Android 14 designed to use models like Gemini Nano on Android devices. This system, focused on privacy, allows extensive models to be adapted to more specific tasks through advanced techniques, increasing the usefulness and personalization of users’ devices.

The dawn of a new era

Although Gemini Nano currently has a limited scope, its applications and capabilities herald a bright start. The model, debuting on devices like the Pixel 8 Pro, offers generative AI tools capable of synthesizing conversations and responding to messages. While these capabilities barely scratch the surface of what these new mobile AIs can offer, the promise for future development is considerable.

A Horizon Full of Possibilities

Cloud-based intelligent assistants like ChatGPT will not be supplanted by Gemini Nano, but will function as add-ons that enhance and simplify interaction with our everyday technologies. With Gemini Nano, users are at the beginning of a path that has the potential to transform the role of AI in everyday life in a deeply intimate and personalized way.