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Arnaud Labrie

Arnaud Labrie (News):

Arnaud Labrie, the driving force of our News section, is a passionate director dedicated to bringing you the latest and most relevant news from Portugal. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to journalistic excellence, Arnaud ensures that our readers stay informed and engaged with the most interesting stories shaping the Portuguese landscape.

Aline Cardoso (Applications, Android Cell Phones, Whatsapp):

Meet Aline Cardoso, a prolific writer who contributes her experience to the Applications, Android Phones and Whatsapp categories. Aline’s in-depth knowledge of mobile applications, Android devices and the ins and outs of Whatsapp allows her to provide insightful and practical content. Her commitment to helping readers navigate the digital world shines through in each article, which makes her an asset to our team.

Aline Cardoso
Gabrielly Pereira

Gabrielly Pereira (Games, Tutorials and guides):

Gabrielly Pereira, the creative mind behind our Games and Tutorials sections and guides, is a dedicated writer with a passion for games and guiding others through the ins and outs of technology. With a knack for breaking down complex concepts into user-friendly tutorials, Gabrielly ensures that our readers not only enjoy their gaming experience, but also improve their understanding of the world of technology. Join her on a journey through the latest games and insightful guides!