What are the top digital marketing trends on Facebook and Instagram for 2019?

The Importance of Video for Digital Marketing in 2019

The emergence of video as a marketing tool

With the evolution of technology, videos have become a digital marketing tool highly effective in 2019. Able to quickly capture consumers’ attention, video offers an engaging and effective way to disseminate information.

To exemplify this, here is a video which demonstrates how brands are using video as a marketing tool.

Why is video important for marketing strategy?

  • Video offers an immersive multimedia experience
  • Videos are shared more frequently on social media
  • Videos generate more website traffic and improve search engine optimization (SEO)

The effectiveness of video in digital marketing

Metric Value
Click-through rate 2.5%
Average time spent on website 2 minutes
Conversion rate 80%

These numbers show that video not only increases audience interest, but also leads to more effective marketing results.

The future of video in digital marketing

We believe the importance of videos for digital marketing will continue to grow in 2019 and beyond. Companies that commit to creating and distributing high-quality video content will be well ahead in terms of SEO, customer engagement, and lead conversion.

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To know more, you can visit this article which discusses in detail the importance of videos for digital marketing.

Instagram Stories: The New Digital Marketing Trend

To the Instagram Stories have become a global phenomenon, reaching millions of users and becoming an indispensable tool for business strategy. Digital marketing. Given this, understanding how to take advantage of this trend is crucial for brands that want to stand out in the current digital landscape.

What Are Instagram Stories?

To the Instagram Stories are a feature of the Instagram app, which allows users to share photos and short videos that disappear after 24 hours. Content shared through Stories does not appear in the main feed and offers a wide variety of editing tools, such as filters, emojis and customizable texts.

Why Are Instagram Stories Important for Digital Marketing?

The use of Instagram Stories as a Digital Marketing strategy provides a series of benefits for brands, such as:

  • Engagement: Stories enable constant and direct contact with followers, favoring the relationship and engagement between brand and public.
  • Range: With millions of daily active users, your content is likely to be seen by a wide and diverse audience.
  • Authenticity: The ephemeral format of Stories encourages the sharing of real and authentic moments, which attract public trust.

How to Use Instagram Stories in Your Marketing Strategy?

Here are some effective ways to utilize Instagram Stories as part of your Digital Marketing strategy:

  1. Post Daily Content: This is the heart of Instagram Stories. Posting new and fresh content daily not only keeps your audience engaged but also helps keep your brand top of mind.
  2. Create Exclusive Content: Offering followers content that can only be found in your Stories increases the chance of them returning and viewing your posts.
  3. Use Stories Ads: Instagram offers the option to sponsor Stories, allowing you to reach an even larger audience.
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In conclusion, the Instagram Stories are without a doubt a powerful tool for any strategy Digital marketing. With the ability to engage, reach and authenticate, they truly are the new trend to be followed.

User Experience and Personalization on Facebook and Instagram

What is user experience?

To define user experience, popularly known by its acronyms in English UX (User Experience), we can refer to a comprehensive concept that defines all relationships between a user and a computer system, be it a website, an application or software. These interactions involve the interface, ease of use, graphic design, system usefulness and accessibility, among others.

Personalization on Facebook and Instagram

A customization has become a success factor for social media giants like Facebook It is Instagram. These platforms use aspects of UX, combining them with an advanced content personalization system, providing a unique and adapted experience for each user.

What is personalization like on Facebook?

O Facebook offers a rich personalized experience for users through a variety of distinctive features:

  • Personalized news feed that displays relevant content based on user behavior.
  • Event and group recommendations based on user interests.
  • Personalized ads that match what the system understands as the user’s interests and needs.

And Instagram?

O Instagram, being a more visual platform, focuses on showing personalized visual content for each user. Some elements of your customization include:

  • Photo and video feed based on what the user likes, shares or the accounts they interact with most.
  • Stories and Lives that appear at the top of the feed, giving priority to accounts that the user interacts with most.
  • “Explore” section that uses an algorithm to show content the user might like based on their previous interactions.

Importance of UX and Personalization

User experience and personalization are directly linked to the success of a platform. They are the foundation for keeping users engaged and satisfied, as well as for attract new users. Over time, excellent UX combined with efficient customization translates into user loyalty and platform growth.

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For more information on the latest in user experience and content personalization, visit Facebook It is Instagram.

The Growth of Mobile Marketing in 2019

As 2019 unfolded, we saw tremendous evolution in the world of mobile marketing . Let’s explore the growth of this impactful sector by analyzing trends and data.

The Significant Impact of Mobile Marketing

In 2019, digital marketing experienced a wave of innovation thanks to the advancement of mobile marketing . It has permeated all fronts of digital marketing, from research to product development. According to the EMarketer , time spent on mobile devices for media consumption has increased considerably.

Increased Use of Smartphones

These affordable and ubiquitous smartphones have played a key role in the growth of mobile marketing. According to Statista , the number of smartphone users increased in 2019, paving the way for even greater consumerization of mobile marketing.

Profiling Mobile Growth

Indicators 2018 2019
Smartphone users 1.56 billion 1.74 billion+
Mobile Advertising Records 198 billion 240 billion+
Mobile Marketing Spend 138.1 billion dollars 165.7 billion dollars+

Emerging Trends in Mobile Marketing

O mobile marketing saw some emerging trends in 2019. These trends included the following list:

  • Programmatic advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Augmented Reality
  • Content Marketing

Each of these trends has brought about notable changes in the mobile marketing efforts of various brands and companies.

Looking to the future

2019 trends provided a significant preview of what was next in the mobile marketing industry. The continued increase in smartphone usage and widespread adoption of mobile marketing campaigns create a fertile environment for continued growth in this area.

Marketers who have the skill and vision to harness these trends and adapt them to their strategies will certainly stand out in the increasingly competitive digital landscape.


In 2019, the mobile marketing has emerged as a fundamental pillar in the strategies of many companies. The use of mobile devices continues to grow around the world, proving to be a valuable platform for reaching potential customers. The importance of mobile marketing is undeniable and everything indicates that its impact will continue to grow in the coming years.