LinkedIn Ads: Is the new ad manager in beta worth trying?

Understanding LinkedIn’s New Ads Manager in Beta

We live in a digitalized era where LinkedIn, already established as a leading platform for professional interaction, continues to evolve to offer increasingly effective advertising campaigns. Let’s explore the latest of these evolutions – your new Ads Manager in Beta.

Intuition in design and user interface

In this new format, the LinkedIn sought to simplify interaction with the ad manager. The user interface is now more intuitive and customizable. The new interface allows users to change the arrangement of columns for better organization of campaigns and offers greater control over the data displayed.

Improving data access and efficiency

The new ad manager brings significant improvements to data capabilities. With it, it is now possible to view ad performance data in a more effective way, which helps to optimize your campaigns and make them more profitable.

  • Easy access to report data
  • Better audience targeting
  • Simplified CSV report export

Real-time optimization and detailed projections

The Beta version brings a series of features to help optimize campaigns in real time. Furthermore, projections of results have become more accurate and detailed.

Resources Benefits
Real-time optimization Allows you to adjust campaigns as they are running to maximize results
Detailed projections Provide more accurate estimates of campaign spend and results


In summary, the Beta version of LinkedIn’s ad manager promises to make advertisers’ lives easier, offering a series of features that seek to simplify the creation and management of campaigns, while providing more accurate data for better analysis and optimization of actions. of advertising. It’s worth keeping an eye on this new feature and exploring all the possibilities it offers.

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Analyzing the features of the new LinkedIn Ads

O LinkedIn It’s not just a professional social network. As LinkedIn Ads, it has also become a powerful platform for digital advertising. Recently, the platform introduced several changes. Let’s dive in and look at LinkedIn Ads’ new features, examining how they can benefit users and give them a competitive advantage.

Intuitive user interface

The main update visible to users is the user interface design. The new LinkedIn Ads It has a cleaner, more modern appearance, making it easier to navigate. The new interface has easy-to-use features that make creating and managing LinkedIn ads simpler than ever.

Optimize visibility with Matched Audiences

One of the most impressive innovations is the Matched Audiences. This feature allows you to reach your target audience more precisely than before. Matched Audiences allows advertisers to retarget website visitors, as well as enabling contact with these same visitors.

Carousel Ads

Another big update is the introduction of carousel ads. With them, you can show up to ten images or videos in the same ad unit, each of which can have its own URL. This interactive format can help increase user engagement and brand awareness.

Programmatic Auction

The programmatic auction feature is another revolutionary innovation. This tool allows advertisers to place automatic bids for ads in real time, thus guaranteeing the best prices.


The new LinkedIn Ads offers a variety of advanced features designed to help advertisers achieve their marketing objectives. With the new intuitive interface, the ability to reach targeted audiences more effectively with Blended Audiences, and the introduction of carousel ads, the platform is definitely setting new standards for social advertising.

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Comparison between old LinkedIn Ads Manager and beta

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. One of these changes involves ad management platforms. This article will compare Ads Manager LinkedIn old and the beta version.

Understand the old LinkedIn Ads Manager

The old LinkedIn Ads Manager was a platform that offered the opportunity for companies to reach professionals in their field. LinkedIn Ads Manager allowed you to create, track and optimize advertising campaigns in a B2B business environment. Key features include:

  • Campaign personalization
  • Audience targeting options
  • Detailed reporting and analysis

The beta version of LinkedIn Ads Manager

The new beta version of LinkedIn Ads Manager is designed to be more intuitive and easier to use. This version includes new features such as:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Campaigns overview
  • Improved editing features

Comparison between the two versions

Characteristics Old version Beta version
Customization High Moderate
Convenience Moderate High
Reports Detailed Simplified

The new ad manager has a number of improvements, but there are also some areas where the previous version still shines. The table above illustrates some of these differences.

In the end, the choice between the two versions will depend on the specific requirements and needs of each company. You can see both versions here.

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, it’s vital to stay up to date with the latest changes and developments. We hope this article has given you some helpful insight into the differences between the old LinkedIn Ads Manager and the beta version.


In short, the beta version of LinkedIn Ads Manager features a series of improvements over the previous version. However, there are some areas where the old version still outperforms the new one. It is up to each company to decide which version is best for their specific purposes.

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Advantages and possible disadvantages of the new LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn, the leading platform for connecting professionals and businesses, recently launched a new version of its advertising service – the LinkedIn Ads. With a range of new features and improvements, the new LinkedIn Ads promises to be a powerful ally for brands and companies. In this article, we will explore the advantages and possible disadvantages of new LinkedIn Ads.

Advantages of the new LinkedIn Ads

Advanced Targeting: Like New LinkedIn Ads, you can target your audience more precisely. Targeting options let you target ads by location, industry, company size, job function, and more.
Advanced measurement and analytics: O LinkedIn Ads offers robust tracking and analysis tools. This allows advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns and optimize them for better results.
Variety of ad formats: The new LinkedIn Ads allows you to create ads in different formats, including text, image, video and carousel.

Possible disadvantages of the new LinkedIn Ads

Despite the numerous advantages, the new LinkedIn Ads may have some disadvantages.
High cost: O LinkedIn Ads tends to be more expensive than other social advertising platforms. This cost can be a deterrent for small businesses or startups.
User Interface: While the new interface LinkedIn Ads is modern and intuitive, some users may find it has a steep learning curve.

Final considerations

The new LinkedIn Ads is a powerful tool for brands that want to promote their offerings to a professional audience. While it may have some disadvantages, such as higher cost, the advantages it offers in terms of targeting, analytics, and variety of ad formats easily outweigh these concerns. As always, the key to success with any advertising platform is to continually experiment, test and optimize your campaigns.
For more information, visit the official website of LinkedIn Ads.