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Fans criticize the limitations of GTA 6 on Xbox Series S

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI arrived recently and it’s safe to say it blew us away. Visually, GTA VI looks like one of the most impressive games we’ve ever seen. Developers Rockstar Games have already promised that the game’s open world will push the limits of what’s possible. Fans were also assured that the gameplay will be as good as the trailer. Although the trailer looks like a pre-rendered scene, it’s actually footage of the game engine, giving us an idea of ​​just how technically advanced GTA VI will be. Fans are already looking for clues about the magnitude of the open world. This is all very exciting, but it raises the question of how a console like the Xbox Series S will handle these demands.

Fans criticize limitations on Xbox Series S

I own an Xbox Series S console, and while it certainly has its limitations from time to time, I’m a big fan of this compact little device. I wish I could say that GTA VI fans took to Reddit to sensibly discuss possible tweaks for the Xbox Series S version, but that wasn’t the case. They used the website to completely mock the console. In recognition, I must admit that it is a funny joke. Reddit user JustCropIt wrote, “Limitations of the Xbox Series S and how Rockstar is addressing them,” accompanied by a shot of the beach in the trailer… except it doesn’t have hundreds of NPCs.

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“This image is what it would look like if some wanted a PS4 release,” added user arta_dratista, while QCHICK mentioned, “Vice City, April 2020,” referring to the month the world stopped. At the time of writing, the post has garnered an impressive 2.5K upvotes.

The gaming experience on Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is generally an underrated console, in my opinion. The main difference between the two consoles is that the Series S will run the graphics at a slightly lower resolution, but I have no doubt that GTA VI players on the Series S will have a great time.