What are the 10 adventure games for Android that you can’t miss?

Introduction to Adventure Games on Android

What are adventure games?

In the vast universe of video games, adventure games occupy a special place. This genre is characterized by exploration, solving puzzles and challenges and, of course, an interesting story.

Features of adventure games on Android

Here are some elements that are commonly found in adventure games:
NarrativeAn engaging story is a crucial element. Players embark on an adventure, where they have to uncover mysteries and overcome obstacles to progress through the plot.
ExplorationThese games often have large, detailed worlds to explore, which can be full of secrets and treasures.
Puzzle solvingAdventure games often include a variety of puzzles and riddles that players must solve to progress.

Some examples of adventure games on Android

Here are some popular games on the Android platform:
Alto’s adventureA beautifully designed game that mixes adventure with side-scrolling action. Your task is to slide down steep mountains, catch escaping flames and perform spectacular tricks.
Fireproof’s The Room seriesA set of very interesting puzzle games that were very well received for their detailed art and challenging puzzles.
MinecraftWho has never heard of Minecraft? This popular game offers you an adventure in a blocky world where you can create and explore everything you can imagine.
These are just a few examples of the world of adventures you can have on your Android. Remember that fun has no limits when it comes to video games. So, what are you waiting for, have fun with one of these fantastic adventure games on your Android!

The list of the 10 best unmissable adventure games on Android

1. The Walking Dead by Telltale Games

This incredible game, based on the popular comic book and television series, provides an episodic gaming experience where your decisions affect the outcome of the story.

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2. Life is Strange by Square Enix

This game breaks away from traditional linear storytelling and offers players the ability to manipulate time to alter the course of events happening around them.

3. Mojang’s Minecraft

This classic construction and survival video game invites you to create your own world using blocks. The Android version offers the same exciting adventures as the PC version.

4. The Room by Fireproof Games

The Room is a fascinating 3D puzzle game that combines elements of mystery and horror. Each level presents you with a box with various mechanisms that you have to solve to advance.

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Rockstar Games

This action-adventure game is full of exciting missions, chasing criminals, stealing cars and climbing the criminal world of San Andreas.

6. LIMBO by Playdead

In this surprisingly moody puzzle platformer, you must navigate a dark and dangerous world to discover your sister’s fate.

7. Terraria by 505 Games

This 2D adventure game lets you explore, build and fight in an open world. With pixelated graphics and a focus on exploration, Terraria is a must-play for adventure game lovers.

8. Monument Valley by Ustwo Games

This award-winning puzzle game challenges you to manipulate impossible architecture to guide a silent princess through a beautiful, minimalist world.

9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons by 505 Games

This moving adventure game lets you take control of two brothers who must overcome obstacles and solve puzzles to find the “water of life” and save their father.

10. Batman: The Telltale Series by Telltale Games

Live your own adventure with Batman in this episodic adventure game. Every decision you make will affect the course of the story and the fate of the characters.
These are just some of the fantastic adventure games available for Android. Regardless of your tastes or interests, we are sure you will find a game that you like on this list.

Detailed description of each selected adventure game

We all know that there’s nothing like getting lost in an excellent adventure game, exploring unknown worlds, challenging enemies and feeling the satisfaction of overcoming difficult challenges. Here I bring you a detailed description of the adventure games that you should try, if you haven’t had the pleasure of doing so yet.

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#1 Adventure game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Considered one of the best video games of all time, Breath of the Wild takes you to the kingdom of Hyrule, an open world full of mystery and adventure. Take on the role of Link and set out to defeat the evil that threatens the kingdom. With its rich environment, ever-evolving challenges and intriguing narrative, it’s a must-play for adventure game fans.

Adventure Game #2: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Presented by the studio Square Enixthe remake of Final Fantasy VII is a true gem. In developing this game, the creators stood out for their incredible attention to detail and an unparalleled narrative. Immerse yourself in the dystopia of Midgard and join Cloud Strife and his companions in a fight against the Shinra Corporation. This game is a perfect balance between frantic action and a captivating storyline.

Adventure Game #3: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Embark on an epic odyssey through the vast and beautiful world of The Witcher 3, developed by CD Projekt RED. As Geralt of Rivia, you will have to explore the drowned continent in search of the protagonist’s daughter, while facing terrible monsters and making decisions that drastically affect the course of the story. With its stunning graphics, deep gameplay and rich narrative based on player choices, The Witcher 3 is an adventure gaming masterpiece.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Final Fantasy VII remake
Square Enix

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
CD Projekt RED

The three games mentioned above are just a small sampling of the vast selection of excellent adventure games available. Each of them offers a unique and exciting experience that is sure to captivate any avid gamer.

Final thoughts and recommendations for a better adventure gaming experience.

The game “Tuscany Villa”, created by the Seville company @GeneraGames, is now available on Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) platforms. It is a puzzle and adventure game for all audiences. https://t.co/26gYSeOxw0

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– Mundo de Sevilha (@MundoSevilha) April 3, 2020

Choosing the right type of adventure game

The first decision to make is what type of adventure game is best for you – do you prefer role-playing games (RPG), adventure games, action-adventure games? Within each type, there are several subcategories and genres. It is essential to spend some time exploring and understanding what you would like to play. Certain brands, such as Nintendo, Sony y Microsoft offer a wide variety of adventure games to choose from.

Prepare yourself for immersion in the game.

One of the most exciting aspects of adventure games is the immersion in the game. To fully enjoy this experience, it is essential to prepare correctly:

  • Configure your hardware correctly: A high-quality gaming system will greatly improve your gaming experience.
  • Adjust game settings: Make sure the control settings are right for you.
  • Let your inner explorer flow: To fully enjoy an adventure game, don’t just follow the obvious path. Explore all the corners and secrets that the game has to offer.

Understanding the game

Adventure games are notoriously complex. Understanding the story, gameplay, mechanics and structure of the game is essential to enjoy it to the fullest. Use online guides, forums and videos on platforms like Twitch O YouTube to help you understand the game better.

Make sure you have the right equipment

Finally, the type of equipment you use while gaming can have a significant impact on your gaming experience. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use headphones: Adventure video games often have impressive music and sound effects that help create an immersive experience.
  • Use a comfortable controller: Spending long hours playing games can be tiring. Make sure you use a command that is comfortable for you.

Although these tips are not everything we could consider to improve our gaming experience, they can make a difference in our enjoyment of our adventure games. We hope you find them useful and invite you to share your own tips with us. Good adventure!