OnePlus 12 is presented at the official presentation

OnePlus 12 é apresentado na apresentação oficial

OnePlus 12 shines in its official debut OnePlus’ latest flagship, the OnePlus 12, has been officially presented, although for now only for the Chinese market. Despite expectations, international consumers will have to wait patiently, as a global launch is expected in the coming weeks or months. OnePlus 12 details in China The OnePlus 12 is … Read more

The OnePlus 12 could be one of the best Android phones of 2024

O OnePlus 12 pode ser um dos melhores telemóveis Android de 2024

The OnePlus 12 promises to be a jewel among Android devices in 2024. OnePlus’ smartphone range stood out considerably this year, with the OnePlus 11 marking a significant turning point in terms of quality/price ratio. For an affordable price of $699, it offers a vibrant, spacious display, high-quality cameras, exceptional performance with efficient software, and … Read more

OnePlus 12: What to expect from OnePlus’ next flagship

OnePlus 12: O que esperar do próximo topo de gama da OnePlus

Expectations for the OnePlus 12: OnePlus’ new top of the range The launch of the OnePlus 12 has already taken place in China and details are beginning to circulate about what this new high-end cell phone has to offer. Its international launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2024, but there is still little concrete … Read more