Sarah Silverman’s lawyer claims to be able to provide ‘direct evidence’ that ChatGPT infringed on her work

El abogado de Sarah Silverman afirma poder proporcionar ‘evidencia directa’ de que ChatGPT infringió su trabajo

Statements from Sarah Silverman’s legal representative Controversy recently erupted with a provocative statement from the lawyer of famous comedian and writer Sarah Silverman. The lawyer issued a bold statement, expressing confidence that he can present “irrefutable evidence” that would prove that ChatGPT infringed on Silverman’s intellectual work. A recent trademark infringement case saw two fast-food … Read more

X officially launches Grok, its ChatGPT rival

X lança oficialmente o Grok, o seu rival do ChatGPT

X presents Grok, ChatGPT’s competitor Company X presented its Premium+ subscribers with a new advance in artificial intelligence called Grok, presenting itself as a direct alternative to ChatGPT. Origins of Grok The engine behind the new tool is xAI, the artificial intelligence initiative that bears Elon’s signature… Read more Article X officially launches Grok, its … Read more

OpenAI and Axel Springer Ink reach agreement to integrate news content into ChatGPT

Partnership between OpenAI and Axel Springer Promises to Innovate Journalism with AI Axel Springer SE, a giant in the media sector, recently sealed a partnership with OpenAI, developer of ChatGPT, with a view to using publications from the German conglomerate to improve its artificial intelligence models. The initiative aims to create richer responses on ChatGPT, … Read more

ChatGPT will be able to cite news in responses thanks to new agreement: The revolution of artificial intelligence in human interaction

Artificial Intelligence Advances in User Interaction Thanks to Innovative Agreements Strategic Alliance Between OpenAI and Axel Springer OpenAI, prominent in AI research and development, has formalized an alliance with Axel Springer, a publishing giant in the global news environment. This pioneering pact authorizes ChatGPT, an AI-based virtual assistant, to synthesize journalistic content from renowned media … Read more