OpenAI confirms ChatGPT is ‘lazier’: What does this mean for artificial intelligence?

ChatGPT and Its Recent “Laziness”: Thoughts on AI

Recent notifications from internet users indicate a reduction in the dynamism of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s virtual assistant. In the face of criticism, the company itself recognized this less proactive behavior.

OpenAI Official Communication

OpenAI made a statement stating that it was aware of the decrease in ChatGPT activity, without, however, making any deliberate updates after November 11th. They reported that predictability is not a constant characteristic of the model, something that has been adjusted.

  • Follow-up: GettyImages reports that this is not the first time that ChatGPT has exhibited such apathy, having been referred to as less intelligent since mid-2023.

Performance Impact of GPT-4

Reddit users pointed out that the assistant has given less elaborate responses and sometimes even ignores some requests.

  • Analysis: Shortened responses on Reddit and ignored requests.

Despite comments about the system’s idleness, OpenAI did not provide a concrete explanation for the weakened performance.

The Perspective of Users and Experts

The online community has raised questions about ChatGPT’s effectiveness before, citing slowness and less than intelligent responses.

  • Note: Complaints about the slowness and supposed simplification of AI intelligence have been expressed since July.
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Current Corporate Scenario

The corporate landscape is also in turmoil with the return of Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI. Furthermore, there is an ongoing investigation by the UK CMA into the partnership and investments between OpenAI and Microsoft, the latter holding a substantial stake in the startup.


As OpenAI strives to resolve the issue of ChatGPT’s apparent “laziness”, this phase highlights the complexity and challenges inherent in the behavior of artificial intelligence models. The community eagerly awaits improvements and more consistent performance from this technology that has been redefining digital interactions.