Commission on Artificial Intelligence extended until April: The latest decisions and perspectives

AI Commission Term Extension Confirmed until April: Overview and Future

Unanimous Decision to Continue AI Research

The Upper Chamber of the National Congress decided, last Tuesday, to extend the period of operation of the Internal Temporary Commission in charge of studying Artificial Intelligence (AI) for another four months. Under proposal number RQS 1,102/2023, formulated by the group leader, Senator Carlos Viana, the extension was due to the need for a more in-depth analysis due to the complexity inherent to the topic. The commission was supposed to finish its work this week, but with the new resolution, its activities will extend until April.

On the Agenda: Bill and Regulation

  • PL 5,051/2019: Defines principles for the use of AI in Brazil.
  • PL 5,691/2019: Establishes the National Artificial Intelligence Policy.
  • PL 2,338/2023: Proposes detailed regulation on the use of AI.

PL 2,338/2023, presented by Senator Rodrigo Pacheco and reported by Senator Eduardo Gomes, is notable for its detailed content, stipulating definitions, bases and guidelines for the creation and use of AI systems, in addition to proposing guidelines for classifying risks and preliminary assessment mechanisms.

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Deep and Specialized Deliberation Process

With an attitude of meticulous attention to detail, the Commission held several public meetings and consulted around seventy experts on the subject. Senator Viana emphasizes that, in order to construct a detailed and conclusive report, it is imperative to consider all contributions meticulously. The objective is to preserve both individual and collective rights, introducing safe and reliable systems, and also promoting scientific and technological advances.

In the Commission, the role of vice-president is occupied by Senator Astronaut Marcos Pontes, and the role of rapporteur continues in the hands of Senator Eduardo Gomes.

Expectations with Extension

The extension of the period granted to the Commission implies a positive expectation for a more accurate implementation of guidelines and policies related to Artificial Intelligence in Brazil, ensuring an approach that balances innovation and security.