OpenAI and Axel Springer Ink reach agreement to integrate news content into ChatGPT

Partnership between OpenAI and Axel Springer Promises to Innovate Journalism with AI

Axel Springer SE, a giant in the media sector, recently sealed a partnership with OpenAI, developer of ChatGPT, with a view to using publications from the German conglomerate to improve its artificial intelligence models. The initiative aims to create richer responses on ChatGPT, based on reliable sources.

Integration of Innovative Content

The collaboration revealed by the entities points to a new phase where OpenAI will pay Axel Springer for access to journalistic content from its various channels, such as the renowned Politico, in addition to Business Insider and the periodicals Bild and Die Welt. Even with the relevance of this agreement, financial details have not been publicly disclosed.

Mutual Benefits

  • OpenAI will have the opportunity to improve its technologies with rich and varied materials.
  • ChatGPT users will be able to obtain responses enriched with links to the original articles, reinforcing the transfer and expansion of knowledge.

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer, expressed the company’s enthusiasm in exploring the journalistic potential that AI can offer, envisioning an advance in both editorial quality and business models.

Background and Future Prospects

Already established in entering into partnerships, OpenAI previously secured a deal with the Associated Press, and also invested in collaboration with the American Journalism Project, with nurturing local newspapers through AI in mind. These movements highlight a tendency towards the joint development of cutting-edge technology and journalism.

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Divergences and Challenges on the Horizon

While some publishers seek balance in interaction with AI tools, others question the lack of compensation for the use of their content and warn of the risks inherent in generating news using technologies subject to errors. European media such as Radio France have already blocked OpenAI’s attempts to access their databases and Le Figaro, from France, rejects the use of generative AI to support article writing.

Positioning in the Brazilian Market

The scenario in Brazil is in line with this cautious trend, with Editora Globo, responsible for large-circulation newspapers such as O Globo and Valor Econômico, prohibiting OpenAI from using its content in training its AI tools.

Additional information

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The partnership between OpenAI and Axel Springer marks a new chapter in the history of journalism, where innovation and technology go hand in hand in the search for quality news and sustainable business models.